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03.04.2011 00:00 - Келтските провинции в империята на Рим
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Статията съдържа информация за произхода на имената на някои келтски области в Централна Европа. Келтите са представени като главно генетично ядро на бялата раса в Европа.
We can without hesitation to claim that the celthic etnicity determines the entire image and structure of the human population in Western Europe. The celtic migration to the south-eastern regions of Europe and Asia Minor creat mixed population between celtic, slavic and autohtonous etnicities. In these mixed population the celts are the main component, which excludes the possibilities slavic people to predominate in south-eastern Europe. After the roman conquest of celtic teritorries around the Danube riparium, more celtic tribes moved to the north bank of the river, where the roman slawery is not possible. Other celtic tribes cannot avoided the slavery. That is whay more regions in the roman provinces have celtic origine of the names. For examples:
1. Styria - only that region probably has greek origine of the name from στύραξ- долния край на копие.
2. Carinthia is an derivation from Carantania (Latin: Carantanum), which is composed from car(an)- rock, stone an celtic ending -tania with the semanthic load of land, teritorry, region.  The version for an origin from karantos("friend, ally") is based on phonetic similarities. Something more important is the connection between "tania" and the greek hton-land, which is one clear demonstration about the origin of celtic word tania.
3. Regions in Walachia.
3-A. Oltenia. Oltenia is historical region from Western part of Walachia. This is the land between the rivers Danube and Olt. First appearance of this toponyme in the history of Walachia is unnknown.
3-B. Muntenia. The proximity of the region to the Carpathian Alps determines a significance like "region, land to the mountain". Author: D.Georgieff


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